he Yadaphanage is an institution set up as an instruction and rehabilitation academy for burgeoning young yadas, whom we kidnap in the dead of night and transport to our home base deep in the Finnish wilderness, whereupon we teach them all necessary skills (gender fuckery, etiquette, stalking, how to skin a man alive, proper petit four preparation) to train them in the Way of Yada.

Origin Edit

Yadas would take young, confused, or repressed genderweird children and raise them so that they may harness their powers of gender variance and project their outwards, thus preventing despair or anguish and instead producing fabulousnessness just as vivid as the rainbow that sprouts from the mighty fingers of Aloysius.

Positions Edit

  • P, our Lordyada - Headmaster and Professor Emeritus of Etiquette
  • Adriatic - Professor Anthropology/Geology, Coordinator of the History Workshop
  • Aleawyn - Professor Political Science/Gender Studies, Coordinator of the Contemporary Political Theory Workshop
  • anamia - English teacher
  • Basil the Tired Aesthete - Chaplain
  • bluewillow - Professor of Finnish Language and Culture
  • Brackets - Library Page, Professor of Cheesy Jokes, Russian History, and Canadian Studies
  • C M - Head Porter
  • daveb - Professor Emeritus of Cryptogeography, Bad Puns, and Chocolate
  • Defenestration. - Professor of Fine Arts
  • Emi Star Gazer Uhura - Media Controller and Game Ruler
  • Heka - Substitute Teacher
  • Herr Joseph von Löthing - IT support
  • Kelly - Professor of Medieval Studies
  • midnightfae - Professor of Public Radio Studies, part-time hall monitor
  • Miselle Serafine - Professor of Sartorial Studies
  • Oka-sama - History Teacher
  • Perfect Serenity - Professor of Piracy and Nautical Nonsense
  • Prettyeyes - Sex ed teacher
  • Professor Godric - Professor of Imaginary Epistemology and Metaphysics. Runs the Experimental Philosophy Lab
  • Professor T. Pollution - Professor of Evolutionary Biology, questionably ethical researcher
  • Puiseag - Creative writing teacher
  • Seething Iguana - Dean
  • Sir Oliver François - Professor of Theatre Arts and Stalking
  • Teagan KGB - Algebra teacher