The once weekly meeting of yadas on Skype, started by Sir Oliver Francois, involving both voice and text based communication. It started three weeks into September on a Friday night, and lasted into the next Saturday, only to be picked up again about twelve hours later; the duration of the combined first two yadachats (roughly fourteen out of twenty-four hours) led to a rule wherein voice-based conversation would occur only once a week, beginning on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm EST.

Yadachat often produces either almost no activity in the designated yadathread or an explosion of senseless activity all but indecipherable to people not involved in the discussion, as well as several who are. This has included a number of nonsense conclusions (included that Jesus is a kitten Time Lord, as well as something about underwater basket weaving), or such events as The Shame on the first Saturday of October, in yadachat's third week.

It has been noticed that the only truly reliable connections (so far) is Danni's which is rather troubling in the case that either one of them ever accidentally develops a real life. Or, you know, a disease or something.