The Transyada crest

A term first coined by Percy McKean on the "TransWhatevers of AVEN" thread created by Teagan KGB on the forums of the Asexual Visibility & Education Network (AVEN). It has since become synonymous with career thread derailers, world domination plotters, and just generally fabulous people. Mischievous with bizarre senses of humor, the Transyadas have been messing around with gender since their inception.

Who are the Yadas? Edit

Inhabitants of the Yadaverse: a contingent sort of place where knowing who you're not is often times more useful than knowing who you are. Indeed, a sort of strange place full of stranger people. And that's the way they like it.


The Transyada official all-purpose mascot. Named Aloysius, by the Lordyada, he originates from the 1957 film, "The Pied Piper of Hamelin".

Yadas are, despite their origins, quite diverse in personalities, sexualities, and of course in gender, just to name a few aspects of diversity.

  • Many yadas - but by no means all - are asexual or asexual-spectrum
  • Few yadas - but by no means none - are cisgender
  • Many yadas - maybe even most - would consider themselves to be difficult to classify in any ordinary way, a bit misfit, or a self-selected outcast who finds the world a puzzling place in some way or other
  • Many yadas - but by no means all - consider themselves to have slightly obscure tastes, and a bizarre sense of humor
  • No yada can stick to a single topic for more than 10 minutes
  • Some may be interested in world domination
  • All yadas are generously accepting of the non-binary trans folks, genderqueer & genderquestioning folks, neutrois, agender, androgynous, & genderless folks, and anybody else who may or may not be some or all of the former.

Where did the Yadas come from? Edit

Some yadas come from Earth, while some yadas come from Gallifrey. Some are of the Borg, while others are of Equestria. In truth, the yadas come from all over the universe. But more particularly, the yadas spawned from a single thread on AVEN, created on July 20th/21st, 2010 (timezone depending). After a few months in their birth thread, and several hundred pages later, the yadas moved to their current home, The Transyada Forums. From there, the shenanigans only continued, and the community continues to grow in size, assimilating poor souls from their old home and elsewhere (particularly Tumblr).