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Velvet Goldmine is a 1998 movie that largely takes place in the gender-bending fabulous Glam-Rock years of the early 1970s, as well as the more Orwellian year of 1984.

The film revolves around Yada Icons including:

Oscar Wilde, who we see at the beginning of the film.

Little Richard, whose early life inspired Glam Rock.

Eddie Izzard, who stars in the film.

David Bowie, whose life inspired the film, particularly Brian Slade. The name of the film was also taken from one of his songs.

The Evolution of Yada:

The evolution of Yadaness was symbolized by a green jeweled pin. The pin originated with Oscar Wilde, who had it as a baby when he arrived in Dublin by a UFO. He still had it when he announced, as a schooboy, that he wanted to be a pop star when he grew up.

Later, the jeweled pin was found by Jack Fairy in the early-mid 20th Century after getting a sissy whipping by fellow schoolboys. Jack Fairy represented the originator of 20th Century Glam. He is somewhat based on Little Richard, and indeed, is shown singing the song, Tutti Frutti as a child. Many people copied his style, and it was said that "Everybody steals from Jack."


Brian Slade as Maxwell Demon (David Bowie)

Indeed, Brian Slade, then a young, aspiring musician, stole the pin from Jack, who wore it as an earring, during a kiss between then at the start of the 1970s. He becomes famous under the name Maxwell Demon.

Brian (Demon) befriends a down-on-his-luck singer named Curt Wild (who was based on Lou Reed and Iggy Pop). The two of them do great things together, and Brian gives the pin to Curt, and then fakes his own death.

Brian goes into hiding and emerges as another, less Yada-like creature, and Curt (now the owner of the green pin of Yadaness) recedes into his former state as a has-been pop star.

That is until he meets a former lover--YOU. He is represented by a journalist named Arthur Stuart. Arthur refuses the pin at first, but Curt puts it in his beer and walks away.

Throughout the movie, Arthur (an average and humble Yada) learns that, despite his attempts to walk away from his past, he was drawn back to it. He had previously loved Curt Wild (literally) and Brian Slade/Maxwell Demon (in fantasy), and indeed his past was not gone, but still with him. And at the end of the movie, he has the green jeweled pin of Yadaness, and his experiences of retracing the past brings out fabulous androgyny and extraordinary glam.

Now that the green pin of Yadaness belongs to you, will you follow in the steps of Oscar Wilde, Jack Fairy (Little Richard), Maxwell Demon (David Bowie), and those that followed?

The above is my (Kelly Kelly's) personal interpretation of the movie. However, Wikipedia states:

"Little Richard is shown as an early influence on Brian Slade. In real life Little Richard inspired the Beatles and Bowie, who in turn inspired many bands to come after. Little Richard has also been cited by Haynes as the inspiration for Jack Fairy…While the film is described as being about Bowie / Slade, the film is also about the teenage fans of glam rock and the adolescent experience of finding one's identity. The notion of self-invention, a theme in the life and works of Oscar Wilde as well as in the personae of Ziggy and Iggy, gives teenagers a natural impetus to emulate the outrageous clothes and make-up of glam rockers…The film is strongly influenced by the ideas and life of Oscar Wilde (seen in the film as a progenitor of glam rock), and refers to events in his life and quotes his work on dozens of occasions."[1]

And certainly, an awesome Glam Rock movie filled with Yada Icons earns the Yada Seal of Approval.


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