Aloysius (whose name was given to him by the Lordyada, who invited others to contribute suitable names; when no one could be bothered, 'Aloysius' became decree by default) is the all-purpose mascot of the transyadas, as well as the Transyada Ambassador of Celebration and Flamboyant Goodwill. His inclusion is obligatory in any occasion where there is great fanfare; without it, we would hardly call ourselves yada.

History Edit

Aloysius was first posted in the thread in the celebration forum when Proposition 8 was ruled unconstitutional, as his thrilled demeanor and ability to make rainbows appear from nothing made him perfect to commemorate the day a bill motivated by gross homophobia (even if it also affected hetero pairings, such as our own most beloved Lordyada and his betrothed) was overturned.

He was then appropriated by the yadathread of doom, for it is but a short jump from the twirly rainbow tactics of anti-homophobic actions to the inspired queerness, weirdness, and (gender) fuckery of the yadas. He was later named by the Lordyada after he expressed distaste with the necessity of referring to someone of his utter magnificence as "that guy," and so the yadas were called to provide names - but being a generally contrary, altogether not wholly focused group, there was but the one submission (of, obviously, "Aloysius") and so it stuck.

Aloysius' true identity was discovered by anamia on the 24th of September. The discovery was greeted with great joy and excitment by the other yadas and anamia has since been mostly ignored when she claims to have no stalking skills.

References in Pop CultureEdit

"If I were to have children, I'd name one Aloysius. I might have too high of expectations for them, though... Like, not every child can spread rainbow joy with their fingertips." -Oliver, folk singer